About Mark…

Mark James Voice Actor

Hi there, I’m Mark and I’m a full time voiceover / voice actor with a purpose built home studio in Yorkshire – the heart of the United Kingdom. When I’m not in the recording booth I’m on the family farm on the outskirts of Halifax looking after the cows and driving lorries!

As a trained actor and singer with years of experience on stage I can bring a wide range of voices and emotions to your project to make it stand out. Yorkshire is consistently voted the most trustworthy accent in the UK but I can just as easily provide RP (BBC English) if required. Please just drop me a line with any questions, advice, sample requests or anything else. I’m always happy to help…

KRK Studio Headphones


Broadcast Quality home studio with a fully sound insulated and acoustically treated booth kitted out with:

Yorkshire Voice Actor Mark James
Yes, this is my dog. His name’s Chase.
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